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About Espresso Organica

About Us

About Us

Now Open Monday’s for Dinner

Due to popular demand, Espresso Organic is now open Monday evenings for dinner. Please contact us to make a reservation.

Expert Coffee Roasters

Here at Espresso Organica we’re more than just a cafe, we’re specialty coffee roasters. Our gourmet coffee beans are of the best quality. We are also coffee suppliers, and wholesalers. Our roasted beans can be found in cafes and restaurants around Concord, and Sydney.

You can also buy 250g and 1KG bags of our coffee in store.

Exceptional Food & Coffee

After reviewing 550+ eateries and cafes, The Sydney Morning Herald’s Every Day Eats Guide 2012, rated Espresso Organica coffee as one of Sydney’s best. For any cafe to be included in the guide it has to be rated on the food, value, ambience and service. In addition, places serving exceptionally good coffee are flagged with a coffee cup symbol.

Only 11 top cafes were awarded for serving consistently outstanding and exceptionally good coffee in the west and inner west regions of Sydney and Espresso Organica topped that list as one of only 2 Top cafes in the whole west.

Barista School

At Espresso Organica we take the time to professionally train our baristas because we expect them to produce world-class coffee every day. With a dedicated training room and top industry professionals on hand to provide guidance, it’s no wonder Cafenatics’ baristas are the best in the business.

There are four main components involved in training: coffee extraction, dosing, milk texturing and latte art. A trainee will master the art of coffee extraction, both in training sessions and on the coffee shop floor, before moving onto the next step. Milk texturing for example can take up to six months to perfect. Our baristas are taught how to juggle multiple orders to prepare them for the high-pressured café environment, where they are supervised by senior baristas until they finish their training.

As a result of our in-depth training program, Espresso Organica employs a wealth of industry talent with award-winning baristas working at many of our shops.


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